‘Winter Turnabout’ Dance Set for Saturday, February 3


Payton Van Pelt, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

As January comes to a close, February rolls in with the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day and  Notre Dame’s Winter Dance. Formerly known as “Sweethearts,” the newly named Winter Turnabout is just around the corner. And after the drastic setup change at Fall Fest, we’re all left wondering can they do it again.

“One of the main reasons we were able to obtain these high-tech materials was because Jake (Gerlikovski)  was able to use us as a test run and a promotional source,” explained sophomore Student Government member Max Timmer.  “He hadn’t used that high-tech equipment yet, so Fall Fest was a trial, and Jake was able to give us a really good deal on the equipment.”

The equipment used at Fall Fest cost around $3000. Luckily, Notre Dame has alum Gerlikovski who always plays a vital role in big school events. Currently, Student Government is trying to find a middle ground without raising the price of tickets.

The dance is coordinated by Student Government. Led by Jennie “Frau” Laaksonen, Holly Strong, and Crystal Dory, Student Government advisers suggest dates, coordinate guest passes, sell tickets and arrange chaperones.

“The advisers for Student Government really work harder than anyone and try to give the high school dance experience that we all want but also staying in our budget,” said Timmer. “The most overlooked factor of these dances is the maintenance staff. They help set up the Commons to become the setting we like, and they also clean up after the dance, which is extremely nice of them.”

Sam Nenning offered the name Winter Turnabout after Student Government wanted there to be a different view of the dance

“We wanted to get away from the thought that you had to have a sweetheart in order to attend.  In the past three years, we have seen an increase in friend groups and singles attending dances. We are pleased and want that trend to continue,” explained Frau.

Previously known as Sweethearts, the dance was Sadie Hawk-esque; girls would ask boys in a change of gender roles. Student Government hopes that the name change will usher in individuals who previously believed they needed a “sweetheart” in order to go.

The music of the dances–a large and essential part– followed a music schedule on which genre to play at Fall Fest. Timmer confirms that it will return as well.

“We are going to have boys on one side of the commons and girls on the other, so I don’t think it will be that fun…. Just kidding,” Frau teased.

The biggest goal for Student Government is to ensure the students have fun and want to return for another dance.

“After every dance, we have a meeting and talk about what students liked and disliked and we adjust accordingly,” recalled Timmer. “I try to ask many questions to my friends about how it went and even during the dance I try to see how everyone is reacting to our setup. I feel generally relieved when all the planning paid off.”

Student Government also emphasizes that if you really would like to talk to the advisers face-to-face, you can email any adviser and schedule a date to ask questions. Student Government has an open door policy for any new ideas.

The dance is on Saturday, February 3.