Jessica Sidon Returns to NDA as Administrative Assistant to Principal Browne


James Bosco, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

After fourteen years away, Mrs. Jessica (DeLeon) Sidon has returned to Notre Dame Academy, not as a student but as a staff member. She began work this week as administrative assistant to Principal Patrick Browne.

After graduating from NDA, Mrs. Sidon worked for the Diocese of Green Bay for 14 years, where she was a case manager and an intake specialist. She described her role here as a “different challenge” but said she was “happy to be back, to start at her roots.”

Her fondest memories from high school are “all the retreats we used to on,” and art teacher Barb Brandtner remembers her as a dedicated art student.

She is still friends with fellow graduates from NDA.  Although high school “seems like it was only yesterday,” she noted how “the building is completely remodeled and the atmosphere of the school has a stronger sense of organization.”

After living in Green Bay most of her life, Mrs. Sidon moved to Luxemburg four years ago. She married her high school sweetheart, Francisco.  They have two children,  Francisco Jr., 6, and Jacqueline, 12.

Recommended to the principal for the administrative assistant opening, Mrs. Sidon said,  “I am looking forward to interacting with the students and being able to assist the school, students and families wherever I may be needed.”

Her desk is located directly outside Principal Browne’s office.

According to the principal, Mrs. Sidon will be transitioning into a more substantial role as the year progresses, dealing directly with parents who are not native English speakers. This is a major effort to help Notre Dame become more diverse.  

“We are hoping that by having Mrs. Sidon with us that many parents will have a resource to have their questions answered effectively, to help people feel more welcome and participate in more programs,” said Mr. Browne.

Although a large part of her time will be spent helping Notre Dame, there is an entirely different side to Mrs. Sidon. Some of her hobbies include making crafts and cooking. Mrs. Sidon’s family also enjoys their hobby farm.

Theology teacher Katie Stanczak, who graduated with Mrs. Sidon, said, “It is wonderful to have another alumnus welcomed back to the staff, and I look forward to working with her.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Sidon is overcoming that barrier all former students have when they are suddenly a colleague on first-name basis with the teachers they had.  

“I still have the inclination to say Mrs. Brown or Mr. Geiser,” she said.