Academy Ball, Post Prom: Something Old, Something New at Tundra Lodge


Meghan Yakel, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

One of the most anticipated, exciting times of the year is on the horizon. Academy Ball, the NDA prom for juniors and seniors, will be Saturday, April 23.

The dinner, dance, and post prom, organized by Student Government, will be at the Tundra Lodge as it has been in many years past. Before the Tundra Lodge, the dance was hosted at the KI Convention Center. Before that, the Radisson.

If juniors and/or seniors choose to bring a guest from a different school or someone from a different grade, they may do so.

Tickets for students at NDA are $40 and $50 for guests. If students choose to forego the dinner and dance and only go to the post prom activities at the Tundra Lodge, they are welcome to do so and that is only $10. Students can arrive anytime after 10:50 p.m. if they decide to only attend post prom activities.

The cost of prom and post prom is defrayed by the many fund-raising projects and events, such as Mr. NDA and student dances, conducted by Student Government throughout the year.

Students are required to purchase tickets using their ID and must bring that ID to Academy Ball when they check into activities. Once students leave the Tundra Lodge, they will not be able to go back in.  

Dismissal to the waterpark will begin at 10:50 p.m.  In order to have enough space for students in the changing rooms and not disturb hotel guests, only a certain number of people will be able to leave for the waterpark at a time.

Students will select their dismissal time at the time of ticket purchase.  They will also receive 10 tokens for the arcade; pizza will start being served at 12:30 a.m.

According to Student Government executive board members, many changes have been made for this year’s event, including the elimination of assigned seating and the formal dinner.  Instead of a three-course meal, appetizers such as fruit, cheese and sausage, egg rolls, popcorn chicken and crab rangoons will be served. A Make Your Own Mac and Cheese Bar, a Mashed Potato Bar, a Dessert Bar and assorted beverages will also be available.

In place of designated seating, a variety of tables, chairs and high-top stand-around islands will offer a format to promote socializing.  

Frau Laaksonen, head adviser to Student Government, explained the thought behind the changes.

“We are continually listening to the compliments and criticisms from the students with regard to Academy Ball. The two major complaints were always about the food and tables, so we decided to change it to hopefully solve those two criticisms.”

Students have been provided permission slips in order to be able to go to the dance. This is something that has never been required in years past.

“Administration felt that because it was an off-site event and involved swimming that it was in our best interest. All other school-sponsored, off-site events that clubs or others may partake in require a permission slip,” said Frau.

All the usual NDA guidelines can be found on the Academy Ball website on the NDA website.

The event is formal, so all boys are expected to be in jacket and tie and girls in a formal dress.