Olles Heads to New York to Accept Award


Aeva Ver Boort, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Junior Caragan Olles will be absent from classes next week, but the school says the absence will be excused.  She will be in New York receiving the World Of Children Youth Award–and a check for $40,000.

Olles and her brother, Carter Olles, started an organization called Bright Young Dyslexics in March of 2013.  Olles was diagnosed with dyslexia in the third grade and because of this, learning was a lot harder for her.  She had struggled a lot in first and second grade.

Olles explained that it was not just reading that made it hard for dyslexics, but it was also concepts like simple math facts that would get confusing. She remembers coming home from school, crying, because she was so frustrated.      

“I went through my ups and downs,” she said.

Olles realized that not many people acknowledge dyslexia and how much it affected people, so she thought this organization would make a huge difference, and it has.  The Olles siblings have been very successful in their organization of Bright Young Dyslexics.  They realized that they both wanted to make a difference and help out children from grades K-12 with dyslexia.

“Dyslexia tutoring is very crucial at this young age,” said Olles.

Olles raises money so that children can get tutored to help their dyslexic.  So far she has raised $140,000 to help the kids. They raise money by having fundraisers, selling chocolate, and doing dinner auctions and silent auctions.  Olles said that you cannot be tutored once in a while for dyslexi; you have to have a strict pattern, like two to four times a week, which can also get expensive.  

That is where Olles comes in to play.  Tutoring can be anywhere from $60- $90 per session.  If the kids keep up with this schedule and are able to get tutoring, they will notice a difference.  

This coming week Olles is going to New York to receive an award at the World of Children Awards.  The award she is receiving is the World of Children Youth Award for her contribution to kids with dyslexia.  

She applied for this award by sending in an application telling about herself and the work she has done.  With the award, she will be receiving $40,000 for her organization.

“I love helping young children succeed,” said Olles.  She plans to continue this organization through the years as well.