Phone-A-Thon Needs Volunteers to Finish Calling Season Successfully

Abby Wittler, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This year Notre Dame Academy’s Phone-A-Thon has received $75,475 in five nights of calling alumni, parents and friends of NDA.

Throughout these nights, ASTRA, Band, Choir, Girls Golf, Writers Union and Cross Country have volunteered to make calls.

So far 1,918 calls have been made by the 44 students who have volunteered. Some of the student volunteers have come back for multiple nights.

Claire Teitz, the coordinator of Phone-A-Thon, said her favorite part of the event this year has been,“meeting with students and seeing their successes.”

Her biggest challenge has been getting enough volunteers to come in and make the calls. There have been many people who signed up but did not follow through and come on their night.

“Phone-A-Thon is vitally important to every NDA student because it helps pay for 40% of their tuition, but not many people seem to know about it and only 6% of students have volunteered so far,” said Teitz about the lack of students volunteering.

She mentioned that the students who come in to volunteer are “amazing,” but since they have only had around 10 callers per night, they are going to have a hard time making all 3,700 calls that need to be placed.

Students also need to realize that if they commit to volunteering, it is just as important as a practice or doctor’s appointment and they need to make the effort to come.

There are five calling nights left, Astra, Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball and Student Government are the groups that will be participating.

Students who want to have a fun night volunteering and eating pizza are highly encouraged to participate in this fundraiser.

It is important to keep the tuition of NDA lower and general facilities of our school running.  

To volunteer as an individual simply email Mrs. Teitz at [email protected].