Winter Turnabout Dance to Culminate Week of Arctic Cold


Maxwell Timmer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This Saturday, Notre Dame Academy will hosts its annual Winter Turnabout Dance. With Fall Fest being a huge hit for Notre Dame, the expectations are high.

In a school-wide vote students voted to make the dance a semi-formal affair.

“Fall Fest was one of my favorite dances this year,” said junior Bella Brabazon. ”I hope the Winter Turnabout is just as fun.”

The dance is coordinated by Student Government, which is led by Jennie “Frau” Laaksonen, Holly Strong, Sarah Van Grunsven, Gina Fredrick and Crystal Dory. Student Government advisers suggest dates, coordinate guest passes, sell tickets and arrange chaperones for the Winter Dance.

“The Winter Dance is a fun night for all NDA student and guests. Student Government and the advisers work extremely hard to make it as fun as possible.” explained Maggie Otradovec,  Representative to the Administration for Student Government.

Because I am in Student Government I see all the hard work that goes into the dance that others might not. Some work that goes unnoticed is the maintenance staff at Notre Dame. The maintenance staff take time out of their days and work tirelessly to set up the commons for the dance.

“One of the most overlooked piece of the puzzle for the dances is the maintenance staff. The hard work they put in is extremely generous,” Mattea Vecera said, who also is on Student Government as the Representative for Curriculum and Student Life.

Most groups of friends go to dinner before hand. The most common places include Oneida Country Club, 1919, Hagemeister and Republic Chophouse. From dinner, groups go to the dance for about 2 hours. Then after-parties and a sleepover at a friend’s house finishes the night.

“My favorite part is the dinner because it’s just a great start to the night with your best friends,” said Bella Zingler-Hoslet, a junior at Notre Dame.  

While they’re many factors that go into Winter Turnabout, the biggest goal is for everyone to have a fun night. Whether it’s the dancing, dinner, or after-parties, the Winter Dance should leave you happy and appreciative of the fun night.