Cast of CLUE Wants You at Their Show!


Mattea Vecera, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

With only two opportunities for on-stage performances during each school year, the play is one of the most exciting events for NDA’s theatrical students.

This year’s play, Clue, is a definite must-see, with the most elaborate set since 2014-15’s Anything Goes. Being a part of the play myself, I’m able to give insight on all of the work that goes into the show leading up to performances.

Each week the cast has met Monday-Thursday for 1 1/2- 2 hours, with rehearsal time only increasing as the performances draw closer. Each rehearsal we have a different agenda, ranging from working on a specific scene to running the full show with sound cues. All of the sound cues have been put together by sophomore Owen Campbell.

One of the most important parts of putting on a show is the promotional aspect. This year is interesting because two other schools in the area are putting on the same show a week before ours. That being said, it’s crucial that our original posters (designed by Owen Campbell) be put up all over Green Bay in coffee shops, grocery stores and various other locations.

Campbell has also put together an amazing promotional video that is now posted on the Tritonian.

Another aspect that is often missed by the audience is all of the work that goes into building the set. We have been fortunate to have a great team of parents (led by Mr. Ledvina) that have built and painted the set, along with the cast coming in on Saturdays to help.

The intricate lights that will be seen in the show were programmed by alumni Jake Gerlikovsky, “the tech guy,” who is better known for DJing our school dances.

The practices have been going well and the rehearsals are ahead of schedule.

“I’m so excited that this show is coming along,” stated Senora Dory, Spanish teacher and director of the spring play.

Something unique about this show in comparison to other high school plays is each character’s on-stage time. As the plot revolves around six guests at a dinner party, those characters (along with the butler and the maid) are on stage for almost the entire show. This requires much line memorization and character development, and the actors need to be in character for the full hour and a half that they are on stage.

“This show is very different than last year’s. Staying in character for that length of time has proved to be a challenge, but I know that it will get easier with each of these last rehearsals before the shows next week,” said Maggie Otradovec, who plays the role of Mrs. White.

The relationships built between the characters are incredible, but it doesn’t stop when off the stage. Between school and rehearsals, the cast has enjoyed trips to Culver’s, Taco Bell for baja blasts, and Sara’s Gelato for a sweet treat after practice. Some of the best moments come while sitting on the edge of the stage before rehearsal, where the cast gets together to talk about their week and the trivialities of life.

“I feel like this cast has become really close through the great group conversations we’ve had. It’s nice to end a long school day with a rant session about tests that day or anything else going on in my life. It’s also cool that I’ve become friends with people I might never have spoken one word to before the show,” said Anna Zimmerman, who plays the role of Miss Scarlet.

This show is a must see, so be sure to clear your schedules the nights of May 2, 3 and 4 and come support this talented cast as you try to figure out who the killer is.