Freshmen Elect Jason Vandenhouten as Class President

Adison Karbon, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The Freshman Class of 2023 has selected its class president, Jason Vandenhouten. 

Class president duties include working on the Executive Board of Student Government with the other presidents, Fan Man and Mermaid, and other representative positions. Their tasks are to organize pep assemblies, Fall Fest Week, Spring Week and other school events. 

One of the challenges and best parts of being the freshman president is getting the opportunity to work with the upperclassmen.

Vandenhouten, alumni of St. Joseph School, was motivated to run in the election because he felt a desire to get involved with NDA besides football and track.

“I feel that I am the voice of the freshman class,” said Vandenhouten on his responsibility. “I want the students to be able to come to me and talk about anything.” 

He “just wants to be a helping hand for anyone that needs it.”

Overall his experience at NDA has been great so far, as he loves all his classes and teachers. 

“I am really excited for the next four years,” said Vandenhouten.

Past freshman class president and now student body president Max Timmer loved his position, especially “working on pep assemblies for the first time and speaking at them for the first time.” 

“I spoke for my classmates and represented my class,” said Timmer. “I also had a great impact on the entire class because of how we organized events and fun activities that affected not only my class but the entire school.”

In his role as class president Timmer had “to be confident” in his ideas and make sure he represented the school and his class with “pride and honor.”

Timmer’s advice to Vandenhouten is to “take it seriously.” 

He must be committed to everything he works on and especially not be intimidated by the upperclassmen and advisers.

“Your peers elected you for a reason; don’t let them down by not participating,” said Timmer.

Timmer also advises the new president to be open to new things and mainly to have fun.

“I’ve had the privilege of being a part of the Executive Board for my entire high school career,” he said. “I am forever grateful for student government and I’m not prepared to leave it.”

For other students seeking to be involved, most meetings are open. If students would like to share ideas and opinions, they can attend the executive meetings which are usually every other Friday at 7:20 in Frau’s room. 

Students are encouraged to contact Timmer or an adviser to get an exact schedule and ask questions.