Enrollment Stays Strong, Incoming Freshman Class Nears 200

Nick Bumgardner, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

With enrollment numbers at Notre Dame on the rise, many have been asking the question: “What about our incoming freshman class of 2024?”

The current freshman Class of 2023 is currently at 186 students, and the current sophomore Class of 2022 has 214 students.

The incoming Class of 2024 is anticipated to have approximately 187 students, placing it between the Class of 2022 and 2023.

Since its inception, the GRACE school system has served as a feeder for Notre Dame, and the class of 2023 is no different, with Father Allouez and Notre Dame of De Pere bringing the most students to Notre Dame of any other middle schools.

Aside from GRACE, however, Notre Dame is also experiencing a groundswell of enrollment from non-Grace schools, with about 30 percent (57 students) of the incoming freshman class coming from schools outside GRACE.

Despite being renowned for its academics, academic opportunities are only one of many contributing factors that draw students to Notre Dame, according to Sarah VanGrunsven, Director of Enrollment Management.

“NDA provides an environment that allows students to grow academically, spiritually and socially,” VanGrunsven said.  

“We are proud to share that our students complete an average of 15,000 hours of community service each year, achieve the highest ACT score in the region (25.8 for the Class of 2019) and maintain a 100% graduation rate,” explained the admissions director. 

 She also suggested the faith element and multiple extracurriculars could play a part in the choice of NDA. 

“We offer more service and faith opportunities than our public counterparts. We offer a full range of interscholastic athletics, and a wide variety of clubs and extracurricular activities. Our close-knit community makes NDA a place where students find themselves, uncover talents, grow academically and spiritually, and are more than ready to take a step into their future,” she continued.

With enrollment numbers staying around 200 students per class, it’s safe to say Notre Dame has a bright, diverse future ahead.