Coronavirus: Topic of Talk & Precaution at NDA

Coronavirus: Topic of Talk & Precaution at NDA

Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“The only thing that worries me would be how fast the Coronavirus spreads,” said senior Carlos Zaragoza. 

Many people in the community are concerned with the new outbreak of the Coronavirus and how it is spreading. 

A local nurse, Janelle Beckett, said, “I encourage people to not watch the news. This has created too much panic. If you want the most reliable information, please refer to  the CDC Website or WHO.”

A simple step to staying away from any illness is washing your hands frequently and covering coughs. 

Freshman Sophie Malcore said, “I think there is a sense of panic because it is spreading very fast, and they have yet to find a cure for it.”

Many people are also worried about traveling and catching the virus. 

“What worries me is my sister who’s currently abroad right now. I think there is a sense of panic especially for those in countries that are infected because it is a newer disease and you don’t really know what to expect,” said junior Sophie Rotherham. 

Another reason people are so worried is because they are not fully educated and do not know everything about the virus.

“My worries about Coronavirus is that all of us are not fully educated about this virus, and we only see it as a deadly virus spreading worldwide,” said senior Alana Bergin. “However, everyone should still take proper precautions to try to end the spread of this virus, especially as we are getting ready to travel to spring break destinations.”

Coronavirus is not the only thing affecting people, there are many more things people should be worrying about.

NDA Associate Principal Greg Masarik said, “If you are sick, stay home. Be careful and smart, wash your hands frequently.” 

“There should be more concern about preventing the influenza as that is currently affecting our community at this time. You have a greater risk of dying in a traffic accident than dying of the Coronavirus,” said Beckett. 

Although some students are very worried about Coronavirus, some think there should be no panic. 

Zaragoza said, “Studies have shown that those infected under the age of 40 have a .2% death rate. It mostly affects those who have weak immune systems, which is the old. There have already been more than 45,000 people who have recovered.”

Due to the spread of this virus Notre Dame Academy has decided to take action for a healthier community. 

Masarik said, “Notre Dame is taking the same precautions as any illness; desks are wiped, handrails and door knobs are cleaned with a strong disinfectant.”

Beckett said, “I think that our nation needs to consider focusing our energy on educating people about disease prevention. Cardiovascular disease, Cancer, and Diabetes are the top killers in this country-way above any virus. These diseases are preventable and reversible with a diet rich in vegetables, 30 minutes of exercise daily, eliminating toxins and practicing self-care and stress reduction.”