Sting Cancer Sponsors No Shave March for NDA Guys

Sting Cancer Sponsors No Shave March for NDA Guys

Adison Karbon, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

NDA’s fifth No Shave March is underway with 27 boys who have decided not to shave throughout the month.

How did No Shave March become a tradition at NDA?

Mrs. Hinch was the Sting Cancer moderator five years ago and had students interested in raising extra money. At that time they did St. Baldricks’ and the No Shave March was in conjunction with that event. They had about 30-40 students participating each year,” said Mrs. Shelly Cowans, who, along with Mrs. Joey Rickards, revived the club last year.

Originally, in 2016, girls were able to get green strands in their hair for the month to join in spreading awareness. 

“We, as a group decided that all the funds raised would stay in our community (either NDA or the Green Bay community) which is why we have not participated in St. Baldrick’s,” said Cowans. 

Last year, 43 students participated. This year, so far, 27 students have signed up. To sign up, you must purchase a pin for $20. 

“The funds raised have provided Cancer Care Bags for children who are patients on the Oncology Floor at St. Vincent Hospital Children’s Hospital as well as NDA family members who are also fighting cancer,” said Cowans.

Senior Max Hennigan is supporting the endeavor for his second year in a row. 

“I thought that it was for a great cause, not to mention, I get to have a beard,” said Hennigan. “I did do it last year, and I’d recommend anyone who can to do it every year.”

“Some students have expressed that if the price were lower, more boys would participate,” said Mrs. Carolyn Brown, an English teacher here at NDA.

Many girls wanted to get involved also. Senior, Mattea Vecera, said, “If I had the opportunity to dye my hair pink, I would have definitely done it, since I already tried to once.”

Some people chose not to for other reasons.

“No one wants to see that,” said senior Will Urick in reference to his facial hair.  “I grow a decent beard. It’s just blonde!”

“My parents wouldn’t let me after they saw what my face looked like after I grew it out for three days,” said Thomas Zakowski, junior.