Book Pick-Up Signals Start of School Year at NDA


School sort of started Tuesday, August 25, as students and parents came to NDA for book pick-up, school pictures, and all the other incidentals necessary for the beginning of the school year.  The process will go through Thursday, August 27, with class-by-class orientation next week and the actual start of school on September 8.

Principal Patrick Browne, who took the temperature of students and parents as they came to the atrium, said, “I’m living the dream–I have kids coming back to school.” 

Having worked tirelessly all summer with the many preparations needed because of the pandemic, Browne praised those who had embraced the challenge of preparing for in-person learning (half the students in school at a time).

“Usually summer is a time to relax and recharge, but not this summer,” he said.  

Students will be advised of multiple changes, such as no lockers and limited seating in the classrooms, during orientation.  Tuesday’s book pick-up was a preliminary practice in trying to recognize each other with masks on. 

Junior Triston Behrend voiced a bit of apprehension:  “While I’m excited to be able to see my friends in person and to return to a bit of normalcy, I still worry about what might happen if a student or faculty member tests positive for Covid.”

Others, like counselor Cassidy McGowan and Father Christian, couldn’t contain their excitement about the prospect of in-person school. 

“I’m feeling optimistic and excited about the start of the year,” said McGowan.  “Whenever I feel anxious about the start, I remind myself of the precautions being taken by Notre Dame. I know it’s going to be an awesome year–after six months we are together again.”

Father Christian emphasized how “fortunate we are to be coming back to school” as “most of the places in the world are shut down.” 

The chaplain added, “The worst thing we can do to a person is leave them alone.”