Rader’s Teaching Career Enhances Role as School Nurse


Sophia Schauer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

One of the most important changes for this school year is NDA’s addition of a school nurse.

As the wife of the head football coach and an NDA  parent, Mrs. Amy Rader  discussed the idea of being school nurse with her family before taking on the new role.

“I asked my kids how they felt about my being at school.  We only have one NDA student this year.  Three are graduated and one is in eighth grade. It’s not easy being the kid of a coach, so I wanted to make sure it was okay with them before I accepted,” said Rader.

A native of DePere and an NDA alum, the new staff member has also been a teacher. 

“I always debated being a nurse or a teacher from the time I was very young.  I love children and babies,” she explained.  “I decided to pursue elementary education when I graduated from NDA and loved that. I taught first and second grades.” 

Teacher converted to nurse, however, after her youngest son had to be in ICU.

“I was in awe of the way the unit functioned, and it just felt like a sign that I should try being a nurse too.  There are many common themes with nursing and teaching–nurturing,educating, having patience, compassion and kindness. I have used a lot of what I learned as a teacher and transferred that knowledge to helping me be a good nurse,” she continued.

Working as NDA’s school nurse is not her only job. 

“I also still work at the Aurora Women’s Center as a triage nurse,” she said.  “There we take care of women of all ages, including pregnant women.  It is very different than being a school nurse.” 

Evaluating student behavior during the pandemic, she complimented the Tritons. 

“While in the school building the students are doing all that’s asked of them.  As frustrating as it can be, they are staying distant, wearing masks and being careful.  I hope students continue what they are doing at school outside of school.  It is the only way we will find our way back to in-person schooling,” she said. 

For fun, the very busy Amy Rader enjoys “watching almost every sport, caring for babies and reading and traveling, especially to warm sandy beaches.”