When Can School Return to Normal?

Frederique Vermeij, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Everybody is wondering when Tritons will return to in-person school.

Naturally opinions are divided among students about whether or not they should return to school.

“At some point this is going to be over and they are going to open up all the opportunities for you and my advice is: Be ready. The students who can keep themselves going on their academics, who can keep themselves going through all this, are going to be the ones that are first at the start line”, said NDA Principal Patrick Browne.

Determining when and how to bring students back to school has been a complicated process,  and there are multiple factors that the school must take into consideration in order to make a decision.

Principal Browne has meetings several times a week with different groups to deliberate the current and future plans of handling the school situation during the pandemic.

According to Brown County Health and Human Services, the number of positive COVID cases in Brown County is still rising every day.

This number has to go past its peak and go down for a period of time to make sure we are out of that “storm,” as Browne calls it, for students to come back to school.

The school is sending out surveys to get to know how many people would want to come back to school and for how many it would be too dangerous because of their health condition or that of a family member. 

The same survey questions pertain to staff, explained Browne.  He pointed out that staff members are often in compromising situations as well as students.

In order to get accurate data, everyone has to make sure they fill in those surveys.

The principal envisions the class schedule for return will be simpler, easier to understand and have less change than earlier models.

Mr. Browne encourages students to speak up and let the school know if they have an idea that might help.

“The more things people are doing outside of school, the more likely that there is to have the virus be spread once you come back to school,” he emphasized.