Student Government Reaches Out, Serves Community


Elizabeth Rickards, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Two weeks ago, on December 11, the Outreach Branch of Student Government helped feed 80-100 guests of St. John’s Shelter. They’ve done this two times each year, even hosting a meal last spring but this time being able to physically meet and cook. 

While advisers Frau Laaksonen, Sra. VandenWyngaard and Sra. Dory cooked, students of the Outreach Branch bagged snacks of fruits and desserts, which were provided by members of the Outreach Branch. 

However, it wasn’t just St. John’s Shelter that Student Government helped that day.

“The Outreach Branch of Student Government put together gift bags for residents at the McCormick Home,” said Briana Fitzgerald, vice president of the service arm of Student Government.  “In the bags we included holiday Mason jar decorations that the members of Outreach made and holiday cards with handwritten messages that the members had written.”

In a normal year, Student Government organizes and sponsors a variety of activities, such as dances and Fall Festival activities, but this year a lot has been scaled down. 

Despite the pandemic student leaders have tried to keep up the Christmas traditions established in past “normal” years. 

Student Government incorporates three critical groups: the Executive Board, the Outreach Branch and the Senate.  The Executive Board has 16 members, including the student body president and other all-school officers, FanMan, Mermaid and the four class presidents. Outreach has ten members and the Senate 17. 

“Student Government is very proud to offer many fun events for the student body faculty and staff,” said Señora Dory, who advises the Senate.  “This school year with Covid has changed some of the ways we operate, but we are very hopeful to bring opportunities for student involvement.”

Continue looking at the announcements and any emails because Student Government always has something going on.