Coach Giovanetti Concludes Two Terms as State Director for National High School Strength Coaches Association

Coach Giovanetti Concludes Two Terms as State Director for National High School Strength Coaches Association

Maxwell Baek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Strength and conditioning coach A. J. Giovanetti is not the kind of man to toot his own horn. But Notre Dame Academy is lucky to have him. 

Giovanetti recently concluded two terms as state director for the NHSSCA, the National High School Strength Coaches Association, and is currently on the advisory board.

“I was honored when asked to be the first state director for the state of Wisconsin and entrusted to get things off the ground,” said the NDA alum and current teacher. 

Business manager and former athletic director Ken Flaten pointed out the significance of Giovanetti’s service.

“His appointment as state director is a real strong recognition of his knowledge of the strength and conditioning field as well as his dedication to the student athletes that he works with,” said Flaten.

Giovanetti himself said, “I hope that I was able to reciprocate what this position has given me.  During these last four years I’ve visited many high schools, met many strength and conditioning coaches from every corner of the country and developed many friendships, all while learning so much.  All these experiences have empowered me to become a better teacher and coach.” 

As state director his first task was to establish a state directory and get in touch with as many strength and conditioning coaches in Wisconsin as possible. After that Giovanetti set up an advisory board which consists of four other coaches within Wisconsin. 

The advisory board assisted him with his state director role responsibilities. When word got out about A.J. Giovanetti, other athletic directors around the state wanted him to help them establish their first strength and conditioning program and help them hire a strength and conditioning coach. 

He also ran the state’s social media accounts, set up professional development events and published a state monthly newsletter. 

The health and physical education teacher appreciates “being around teachers and coaches who do it for the right reasons and are all about the kids, who see the big picture and understand it’s about long-term development of both the athlete and the person.”

His main goal here at NDA “is to continue to educate student-athletes on the importance of participating in an in-school strength and conditioning program.” 

“Success is no coincidence,” he stressed.

Giovanetti would also like to develop a leadership program, an idea he and Mr. Brian Bobinski, math teacher and golf coach, have been collaborating on.