Packers Reward NDA Alum Jessica Landry With Super Bowl Trip


Meredith James, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

It is one thing to support your community, and it is another thing to put your own life on the line for your community. 

Jessica Landry, NDA alum and sister of Technology Director Gina Fredrick, is one of those brave souls working nonstop to take care of those afflicted with Covid-19. 

She is also one of four local Bellin Healthcare workers selected to attend the 2021 Super Bowl in Orlando, Florida–all expenses paid! 

Landry and her husband have three children, ages 8, 6 and 3. They have become, according to their mother, her biggest supporters while she has been working in the intensive care unit at Bellin Memorial Hospital. 

Working hard and ultimately saving lives is a thankless job for many nurses and doctors that are fighting the complications of Covid-19. 

NFL teams, including the Packers, decided to say thank you to a representative group of healthcare workers.

As a recipient, Mrs. Landry received one Super bowl ticket, a pre-paid flight ticket, a hotel stay, transportation to and from her hotel, a meal stipend and a gift card to the Packer Pro Shop. 

“I hope we are all seated together,” said Landry in reference to the four recipients. “This is such a momentous reward.” 

She will be the only one out of her family to fly to Florida, as it is safer her family remains home. 

While her children did not fully understand the magnitude of the gift, they were incredibly excited for their mother. 

Landry said that she is looking forward to a little bit of the Florida sun, a bit of relaxation and some celebration 

“I am extremely honored to be one of the four chosen to represent the nurses and healthcare professionals at Bellin. It’s been a difficult year and we are all a lot stronger together,” she said.