NDA Musical Now Online, Link on Website

Maxwell Baek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Notre Dame’s musical called “The Show’s Online” is now available on the NDA website until April 3. A suggested donation of $5 will help offset the cost of the show, primarily for copyright permission. 

To make this event possible, several teams went out of their way to put on the show. These teams included the ticket office, the orchestra (also called “the pit”), and the stage crew, all of whom contributed just as much as the onstage performers. 

Before any audience members go to an NDA student musical, they must first pass through the ticket office. While the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly thrown all live events through a loop, the ticket office has responded by offering virtual viewings of the play for a mere $5 viewing fee. 

“There is not a set ticket price but a minimum recommended donation of $5 to view the show,” Mrs. Gilson has stated. 

Of course, donations are certainly appreciated, as the global pandemic has certainly created trying financial times. Meeting production costs has been extremely difficult due to copyright issues and filming costs, so these donations are very important to insure that more musicals can be produced in the future. 

“The copyrights and technical costs for this musical were daunting. We are relying on donations to make a profit and encourage every student to watch the show,” Mrs. Gilson pointed out. 

While she didn’t reveal the amount needed to break even, every little donation adds up, so the more that can be donated, the better off the department will be. 

“We are beyond grateful for the support,” Mrs. Gilson emphasized. “Students were collaborative and essential in putting together this show.” Therefore, attending the play that these hardworking students and teachers put on is not only fun but also supports musical theatre at NDA. 

If you are unsure about how the musical works or would like to purchase a ticket, please visit the website https://www.notredameacademy.com/students/school-musical.