Emcees Promise Unique Show, Same Fun


Nick Bumgardner, Editor-in-Chief

There are few more important roles than being emcee for The Academy Awards.  They write the script and help keep the show moving in between acts.  This year’s emcees, chosen in tryouts by a panel of teachers and staff members, are seniors Lainey Chosa and Sam Ruffell. They have a unique challenge—doing the show in a pandemic.

What made you want to emcee The Academy Awards?

Lainey: I wanted to be an emcee for the Academy Awards because the show has been my favorite thing put on by the school every year. I have had the opportunity to be in the show each year: I was in my brother’s skit for a moment my Freshman year, a rampateer with Grady Brick my sophomore year, and my junior year I was in Owen Campbell’s talent. Seeing the behind-the- scenes of the show and being a part of it all coming together is so much fun. 

Sam:  Watching the emcees take part in the years past, I always saw the role as something that is as vital as it is creatively demanding. The Academy Awards is one of the most popular traditions that NDA has produced, and I immediately jumped at the opportunity of being a part of it. 

How has the pandemic, if at all, changed your role in the show?

Lainey: Normally, emcees write the script and say it live– but this year the show is not live. We were able to watch the taping of the talent portions of the show to get ideas on what to say for each performance. I think the show being pre-taped has actually made our job more fun because we are able to come up with some creative and interactive ways to put our script into the show.

Sam:  As circumstances have changed, my fellow MC and I are determined to make sure that we can provide just as much entertainment, comic relief and stage presence as we would if we were in front of a live audience. We are driven to keep the movement of the show on screen going as we would any other year.

Any concerns about being emcee?

Lainey: I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to come up with a creative script this year due to all of the changes, but I was wrong! The students competing have really brought it this year and have some fantastic performances to share with the student body. To say that I am impressed with their creativity is an understatement. We have tons of material to work with for the script. 

Sam:  The biggest concern of mine would be to make sure we keep the audience invested in the show and provide the most delightful experience for the students, as they look forward to watching it during the day. 

Anything you look forward to, in particular?

Lainey: I am really looking forward to seeing who is crowned Mr. or Miss NDA this year. Normally you can get an idea of who the judges may be leaning towards after seeing the talent portions, but this year I have no idea. All of the students in the show have come up with great ideas, and the title is really up for grabs to anyone. I am also looking forward to everyone in the school being able to see it since it will be shown during the school day. The tickets for the show are really sought after, so not everyone is able to attend. This year gives students who may not have been able to see the show in years past the opportunity to watch it with everyone else.

Sam:  I’m looking forward to taking the time interviewing the contestants, writing the script with Lainey and filming what we have in store for the show. I’m really looking forward to the entire role of the MC. 

What can students expect from this year’s unique show?

Lainey: Despite the changes to the show, students should not expect anything less than previous years. The show still has that “wow factor” that is looked forward to every year. The tech crew, advisers and all of the competitors have been working extremely hard to bring an amazing show to the student body, and it will not disappoint!

Sam:  This year students can expect an off-kilter, but nevertheless very amusing show, which will showcase a new way the MCs will bring the entertainment to them. Our method can be compared to that of many celebrity interest shows such as Entertainment Tonight or TMZ.