Want to Be Part of the Morning Show?

Maxwell Beck, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Most Americans are familiar with the morning news, as it is a great way to start the day and hear any important updates, news about events or simply valuable things to learn. However, the news broadcast on cable television is often geared towards adults and doesn’t cover many issues that are important to teenagers. 

For this reason, among others, Notre Dame Academy launched the student-led Morning Show at the beginning of this school year. The intention is for students to have a platform to share news, events and other school happenings with fellow members of the student body. 

Associate Principal Greg Masarik and Student Government Coordinator Jen Laaksonen are the adult leaders of the team and have been pushing the idea of continuing the Morning Show in the fall as a student-led production.

By and large, Masarik said that he doesn’t want his fingerprints all over the content produced by the show, instead preferring for interested students to take the lead. 

“We need creative students to be a part of [the show],” he explained. “We would like it to be student led and developed with adults providing guidance and coaching.” 

As such, the Morning Show’s content will be determined by the students, and who better to know what other students are interested in than their peers? 

The associate principal explained, “Students know better than we do…once we start working with students, we will know more specifically.” 

The proposed Morning Show team will not draw from any particular class, as anyone who is interested is free to join. All volunteers are welcome, with the idea being that each student’s skills will present themselves over time, leading to everyone finding their own niche on the Morning Show.  Every position from News Anchor to lighting coordinator, and everything in between, will be filled by a variety of students. 

Overall, the Morning Show is still in its infancy and has much room to grow and develop. If you are interested in joining the team, please reach out to Masarik to learn about how you can contribute. Students can look forward to getting–and giving– focused, reliable news on the Morning Show in the fall.