Yearbook an Extracurricular with ‘Ms. K’ as Adviser


Sophia Hornberger, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

As clubs and activities start-up for the year, one will look a little different than it did last year. Yearbook is transitioning from publications class back to a club and will be led by Ana Karedemas, a current junior at St. Norbert College. 

Karedemas first came to Notre Dame in the 2020-2021 school year as Mrs. Brown’s sophomore block student. 

“Mrs. Brown recommended me for the yearbook adviser position because I had been the editor-in-chief of my yearbook in high school,” said Karedemas.  “I was beyond interested, because I love this school.” 

Karedemas was very involved in Yearbook in high school and hopes she can bring that passion to more students here at Notre Dame. Instead of being a publications class, Yearbook will meet as an extracurricular club. 

Karedemas hopes that as a club more people will be able to work on the yearbook without worrying about class schedules. 

She plans to hold meetings twice a week to give students more opportunities to try and fit it in their schedule. 

“I really, really want to make sure that any student who wants to be included can be,” said Karedemas, “If someone can only meet once a month, or once every three months,” she said, “I still want them on board.”

As for her plans for the physical yearbook, she wants to include more of the artistic side of publications. 

“My plan is to really take the theme and run with it,” Karedemas said. “I really want to capture the fact that this is the first year in a couple years that things have been fairly normal,” she said, emphasizing a goal to “capture that kind of fresh beginning feeling.” 

If you’re interested in joining Yearbook Club, you can email Ms. K at [email protected], talk to Mrs. Brown or check out the link on the written announcements to sign up.  

“It’s something that you can really put your stamp on,” Karedemas said, recalling her own high school yearbook experiences. “You’ll never know if you like it until you try it, so if you want to show up to the first meeting and you decide it’s not for you, that’s totally fine. I want you to find what you love.”