Student Crew Taking Over NDA Morning Show


Riley Guyette, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

After a successful first year, NDA Triton News, the daily live-streamed announcements show, is beginning its transition into being fully student-led.

Frau Jen Laaksonen, German teacher, and Vice Principal Greg Masarik started NDA Triton News during the 2020-21 school year when most students were at home. 

“I think we always had this idea that spoken announcements were getting old,”  Frau recalled. “We thought it would be a good idea to re-engage people.” 

The two had to learn how to run the show by themselves.

“When the show first started we only had a day and a half to figure out how to go live,” said Laaksonen, “ which meant all we had was an Ipad, a tv and a laptop.” 

As the year went on, the duo added more and more segments including where at NDA is Mr. Novotny and Joey’s Sports Corner.

This year, students have shown interest in joining the morning show crew. 

“I decided to help with the morning show because I have always loved audio and visual projects and this seemed like an opportunity to explore that interest of mine,” explained sophomore member of the show’s tech team, Reese Van Pay. “So far it has been a really fun and interesting experience.”

Working alongside Van Pay is senior Grace Gunville, who has been working on the tech crew for the school since her sophomore year.

Gunville mentioned, “I figured they would be interested in recruiting people with prior experience with some of the equipment being used to run the show.”

Beckett Chambers works as not only an on-air talent for the show but also behind the scenes in the technical department.

“Most people at school know me for being an entertaining person to listen to, so I figured I would share the personality with more people,” he explained. 

Elijah Bieker, junior, is working as an on-air talent and writer.

“I’m looking forward to starting new, more interactive segments to the show to get people really engaged,” he explained. 

The team has already added a few new segments, including Who Is New at the Green and Blue, a segment in which new members of the NDA staff are interviewed.

Over the course of this year, Laaksonen plans for the students to take over the show.

“My role is shifting from having to prep for the show to being more on the sidelines where I’m just watching and there to support,” said Frau.