Calendar Raffle Explained, Promoted as Essential Fundraiser for NDA


Joseph Giganti, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Compared to other private, Catholic schools, Notre Dame Academy’s tuition is much lower than most. How is that possible? 

Meet Mrs. Claire Teitz, NDA’s assistant director of development. To put it in simpler terms, she is one of the staff in charge of the annual fundraising events. 

Born in Chicago, and then growing up in Westfield, Wisconsin, Teitz has lived most of her life in the Midwest. 

She went to the University of Notre Dame and majored in Political Science. “All my friends said ‘major in something interesting,’ so I did,” Teitz said. 

Now, she works here at NDA, helping put on such events as the annual appeal, Hall of Fame Dinner,  Phonathon, Tritonfest, and summer golf classic.

The current fundraising event is the yearly Calendar Raffle. Teitz said she came up with the idea after the confusion of “Football Mania,” a previous fundraising event that has been laid to rest. 

While it may seem complicated at first, the way the Calendar Raffle works is actually quite simple. 

The goal for NDA families is to sell ten calendars for ten dollars each. For each calendar you sell, there’s a cutoff piece for the buyer’s name that you take off and send back with the ten dollars.

Once Teitz gets the cutoff and money, she’ll enter the name of the person or family you sold it to into the raffle. 

Each calendar has a cash prize on certain days, ranging from $50 to $2500. Each day there’s a prize, a name is drawn from all those who bought a calendar. And the best part? You can win more than once.

Each year their goal is to raise $10,000 dollars, in order to cut costs on tuition and make payments on necessities such as utilities like electricity and water.

For ten dollars, a chance to win up to $2500, and being able to donate to your school, this is a bargain you don’t want to miss out on. 

You can purchase calendars from Mrs. Kirschling in the Atrium today.