Freshmen Speak Out About Their High School Experience


Riley Guyette, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

As NDA returns to a school year without masks or online learning, incoming freshmen have been able to experience a more typical high school experience.

They are already making special memories through Notre Dame’s numerous sporting events. 

“My best memory so far was when we all got to cheer and have fun at the football games,” said freshman Teresa Schmitt. 

Mia Miller stated that her favorite memory has been “going to Minnesota for the Griak meet with the Cross country team.” 

Some of the most memorable moments as a freshman are those made with friends.

“All of my best memories this year have been during lunch with my friends,” said Daffne Gutierrez. 

Jacob Hunk has enjoyed “getting to make some new friends and still staying friends with my old friends.” 

Izzy Jackson agrees, stating that she has loved “meeting new teachers and friends.” 

Even with friends, freshman year is never without its occasional embarrassing moments.

“During volleyball tryouts, I jumped up to spike the ball and when I landed my ankle twisted and my shoe fell off,” Jayda Simmons explained. “Everyone was staring at me while waiting for me to put my shoe on.” 

“I asked one of my teachers if they were going to Fall Fest, and the class thought I wanted to go with my teacher,” said Ally Paprocki. 

Schmitt had been going to the wrong Honors English class for the first two days of school and has now been transferred into the mistaken class. 

“I told a really bad joke on the first day of school and no one laughed,” explained Max Bonkowski.

Mirroring past years, numerous students seem to be struggling with the Intro To Chemistry and Physics course. 

Ethan Lecaptain claimed that ICP was the hardest for him because “It is a lot of work and you are always using your brain.” 

Eva Passel explained that the class is difficult for her because “It takes a lot of time to study for and to really understand the topic.” 

Despite the challenge, freshmen are still excited for the future. 

“I am looking forward to the basketball season and challenging myself to the maximum extent,” said Andrew Rader. 

Pip McGinnity Schneider is excited for “Fall Fest, the musical, the play and the choir/band trip to New Orleans.” 

“I’m most looking forward to the dances and towards learning more throughout the school year,” said Eva Passel. “I also think I will be able to meet more people.” 

Freshmen are enjoying being a Triton because of the school’s team spirit and sense of community.

Victoria Jardon explained that the best part of going to NDA is the opportunities you have. 

“I don’t hear friends from other schools talk about how many opportunities they have,” she added. 

In Lidiya Schneider’s experience, “The best part of being a Triton is the amazing community/family you get to be a part of.”