Winter Dance a Grand Success


Smiles like these were all over the “highlighted” Commons on Saturday night, February 12, at the annual Winter’s Dance organized by Student Government.

Frau Jen Laaksonen, German teacher and lead adviser to Student Government, deemed the event a success.  “All went well,” she said. 

Students, who have missed out on a lot of NDA’s traditional social events due to Covid restrictions, welcomed the opportunity to get dressed up, socialize and just be together for an evening of music, dance, talk and fun.

“My freshmen were jabbering about it all week,” said one teacher. “It was fun to run in and see not only freshmen there but a lot of upperclassmen as well.”

Even parents and former students were excited for the event with several posting pictures of the original February dance, then called Sweetheart’s, in 1999.

Now, some of those parents were excited for their own children to experience the tradition.

To see pictures from the Winter Dance, past  (1999) and present, click through the photo gallery below: