Dance Team Competes at State, Heads to Florida Soon


Violet Korpal, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The Notre Dame Dance Team recently competed at state and made our school proud with all of their hard work and effort. 

They all are proud of what they accomplished and love sharing the time with their dance “family.” 

“Going to state meant that all our team’s hard work and dedication was worth it. Not only because we qualified but because I felt strongly that each one of the girls deserved to be at state. The fact that each one of the girls showed up every day they could and gave each practice 110% was truly amazing to me,” said one of the team members, Brooke Tuska. 

In order to qualify for state a team has to place within the top half of the competition at regionals and/or earn a wild card spot as well. 

There are around four categories of dance genres and each team can choose which categories they want to compete in at the beginning of the year. Some teams do three and some do two.

There are also divisions when it comes to competitions as well. The division is mostly based on school size. 

The dance team was awarded a parade down the hallways of NDA the morning before they left for state. 

Most of the dance team described motivation as a key element to doing well. 

“I am highly motivated by my team and coaches.  Also the dance parties we have before we go on stage get me pretty hype,” said Sam Mach. 

The team unfortunately didn’t bring home any state titles but did place within the top five for some. 

Even though the team didn’t win any titles, they walked out feeling proud of all of their effort and hard work.

“During our performances we all try to talk to each other and cheer for each other to get our adrenaline flowing and a smile to our faces no matter what happens,” said Brooke Tuska. 

No one currently on the dance team has experienced a state title as the last title was won in the 2011-2012 season. That year they won both pom and jazz. 

“The NDA dance team has always made me feel love and has always been by my side. The dance team is going to be the hardest thing to leave behind when I pursue my dreams in college. The dance team has always brought me joy even when I would walk into practice with a bad mindset and leave with a way better one,” said Grace Delveaux,one of the seniors on the team. 

The dance team plans on attending nationals very soon in Florida, so stay tuned to see how they do.