Eighteen Diploma Students Display, Explain CAS/EE Work at Annual Celebration


The “senior diploma cohort,” as IB coordinator Matt Schultz likes to call them, took center stage at the annual CAS/EE celebration Thursday night.

The IB diploma program is NDA’s most demanding curriculum and includes requirements in Creativity/Activity/Service (CAS) and a research paper called the Extended Essay.

“This was a great evening to celebrate the accomplishments of some very dedicated students,” said Schultz.  “All candidates in the cohort will be recognized at the senior awards presentation and also be distinguished at graduation with white honor cords.”

The coordinator expressed his gratitude to those who helped make the celebration a success and reminded everyone that extracurriculars kept three other diploma students from being present.

Seniors use the evening to showcase their CAS and Extended Essay work to parents, staff and guests. IB coordinator Schultz uses the evening to honor them for their dedication and accomplishments.

Eighteen diploma students posed for a group photo and discussed their work with the guests milling through their displays.

Abby Haase presents her “IB Achievements”
From left to right: Chelsea Martinez, Maggie Thillman, Emily Bonkowski