Gallery: Spring Week Kicks Off, Ends with De La Baie Fest on Friday


Riley Guyette, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

With the school year coming to an end, students are in need of a way to burn off some steam during the school day. 

In school years before the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the best ways to do this was with the annual Spring Week, a week-long event planned by Student Government.

Although it has been absent for the past two years, the week of fun returns this year with four dress-down days and De La Baie Fest at the end of the week. 

Each of these dress-down days has a specific theme that students wanting to participate must adhere to. 

Students may only participate if they have bought a two-dollar pin in the atrium or at lunch. 

Each of the four days incorporates one of the school’s core values.

Monday: Dress Like a Teacher Day/Prayer Service

Monday will see students walking around the building dressed as their teacher of choice with “Dress Like a Teacher Day,” and there will be a prayer service in the morning.  

This day is representative of the school’s core value of learning because of all of the knowledge students learn from their teachers.

Wednesday: Country or Country Club

Wednesday is “Country or Country Club” day, and a nacho bar will be available during lunch for three dollars in cash. 

The theme incorporates the core value of respect because there should be respect for those from both backgrounds—city or country. 

Thursday: Mismatch Day

On Thursday, the theme will be “Spring Cleaning.” 

This will be a mismatch day where students wear whatever they can find at the bottom of their closets.

It embodies the core theme of service because these gently used clothes remind us that donating clothes like this can make a huge difference. 

Friday: Monochrome Day/De La Baie Fest

Finally, Friday will be a monochrome day on which students wear a single color.

This represents the core value of faith because it will remind students of the importance of appreciating the simple things in life. 

Also on Friday will be De La Baie Fest, a festival that will have numerous events such as a three-on-three basketball tournament, an escape room, a bookstore sale, a Teacher Trivia Kahoot game, a silent auction, and more. 

None of these activities would be possible without the help of the school’s Student Government, specifically the executive board members. 

One such member is Jacob Vanooyen, who works as a representative to the Curriculum and Student Life Committee of the School Board.

He has been working for weeks and has helped with all parts of Spring Week, from choosing the themes of the dress-up days to the nacho bar to De La Baie Fest.

The loss of De La Baie Fest for the past two years has allowed for innovation from those working on the event. 

“With not having De La Baie Fest for the last two years we were able to recreate what it looks like and add/take parts away,” said Vanooyen. 

Despite all of the time and effort many have contributed towards the event, it is all worth it in the end.

“The best part of these events is seeing all the students embracing the school and enjoying the things you came up with and helped to plan,” said Vanooyen, who was recently voted student body president for next year.  “I love being part of the reason people enjoy school activities. That is one of the main reasons I am involved with just about everything at NDA.” 

Whether or not De La Baie Fest and Spring Week as a whole is a success depends on the participation of the student body. 

“Student attendance in school activities has taken a big hit over the years,” explained Vanooyen. “I encourage all students to get involved with De La Baie Fest since it will be something to remember when reflecting on high school.”