Bryson Pappas Elected Sophomore Class President for Next Year

Violet Korpal, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Last week freshman Bryson Pappas defeated Frannie Wied and Amelia Chrudimsky in a Student Government election for Sophomore Class president for the 2022-23 school year.

I ran again because I don’t give up on anything if I come up short like I did last year,” said Pappas, who ran for Freshman Class president at the start of this school year and lost.. 

He decided to try again this year in hopes of getting a second chance, which he indeed got. 

Other than creating his own ideas, Pappas plans to listen to the class’s ideas and opinions and try to include that in everything he does. 

As a class president Pappas will work on the Executive Board of Student Government, which is composed of all the class presidents, the all-school officers elected earlier by the entire student body, FanMan, Mermaid, and special role players, such as the student government liaison to the school board or the NDA administration. 

“My first thought when I heard I won was ‘There’s no way’,” said Pappas. 

Pappas would like to thank all of his friends for helping in the campaign and his dad for inspiring him to continue.