Large Freshman Class To Replace Outgoing Seniors

Class of 2026

Carolyn Brown

Class of 2026

Reese Van Pay, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

With the senior class leaving soon, a class of freshmen will be taking their place next year, and they’re supposed to be a large class. 

Many 8th graders visited NDA for a day in the fall to shadow a student and get a feel for what the school is like. 

Shadowing is when a soon-to-be freshman or a student from another high school follows a current NDA student around to their classes.

This helps a student get an idea of what classes, teachers, and activities at NDA are like, and how they might fit in.

If a student feels like NDA is the school for them, they head to registration, which was in February. 

This year, families had the option to register in-person or via zoom. 

Many teachers helped with registration, and the school store was open so they could buy merchandise from their new school.

There are many reasons that students choose to go to NDA, ranging from clubs and activities, religion, sports programs and academics.

Two 8th graders from Father Allouez Catholic School commented on what they are excited for at NDA, and why they chose the school.

“I’m excited to see friends from other schools at NDA and chose NDA for their sport programs and academics,” said Madison Siminski.

“I’m excited because of all of the new classes, activities and new people I can meet. I chose NDA because it is a Catholic high school,” commented Monica Stoik.

Although it will be sad to see seniors leave, the new freshman class is looking really strong and will make a great addition to the NDA community.