Sophomores Enjoy, Grow from Retreat to Camp Tel


Cassi Garrison, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

On Tuesday, September 27, and Wednesday, September 28, Notre Dame Academy’s sophomore class of 2025 took a retreat to Camp Tekawitha. 

Camp Tekawitha, also called Camp Tek, is a faith-based summer camp located in Shawano, Wisconsin. 

Student reactions varied to the retreat, but most were excited to spend the day at the idyllic camp and miss their classes. 

“I am very excited, especially since I’ve been going to Camp Tek for eight years,” shared Lena Berreau prior to the retreat. “It’s going to be very faith-filled.”

Other students shared this enthusiasm.

“I love going to Camp Tekawitha,” said Jasmine Rogers. “I think it will be a great way to hang out with my friends.”

The retreat was filled with small group discussions about character, reputation and faith as well as talks by Campus Minister Daniel Kriegl, who led the retreat. 

“I liked this year’s retreat more than last year’s,” said Khalee Robinson. “It was really fun. My favorite part was the close race I had with my friends during free time.”

The retreat’s mantra, the same as last year’s, was “I am sacred, we are sacred,” which was repeated throughout the retreat as a way to get student attention and focus them on the event or discussion at hand. 

From the retreat, students could deepen their faith, form or strengthen friendships and remind themselves that everyone is important and sacred.

“I was really happy to go on the retreat,” shared Ari Hinz. “My group was very cool.”

The experience ended with a group photo in front of Camp Tek’s chapel commemorating the trip and a mass upon arrival back to Notre Dame.

“The scenery was so beautiful,” Ally Paprocki said. “It was super nice out. We played gaga ball.”