Charlie Gerstner Wins TGB with Original Rap Solo


Mason Tumpach, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Sophomore Charlie Gerstner won Friday’s Great Battle contest with his rap solo. 

The Great Battle, called TGB, is a contest where students showed off their talents. Immediately following their performances the student body voted and decided the audience favorite. 

“I am really excited. I would’ve never thought of winning a talent show,” said Gerstner.

Gerstner performed a rap solo that he wrote, while other performances included dancing, singing, drumming and a piano piece.

“I liked seeing all the students together having fun,” said junior Sienna Callaway.

Faculty also performed in NDA’s own take on the popular television show The Masked Singer. Teachers sung hidden behind wacky masks, and students then matched teachers to each masked singer.

Sra. Dory coordinated the event and made note that this was the first live show since 2019. According to the emcees, 19 student volunteers had been meeting for weeks to plan TGB. It was the culminating activity in a Fall Fest Week full of themed-dress days and advisory contests.

“I think it was cool to see how much work was put into the event, and I can’t wait for the Academy Awards,” said freshman Caroline Broberg.