NDA Introduces Career Program for Juniors, Seniors


Mason Tumpach, Staff Writer, Journalism I

NDA introduced a new Career Program this year led by Career Exploration Coordinator Chirstian Dory.

“Everyone has a different path and everyone wants different things,” said Dory. 

The program’s goal is to make students the most successful versions of themselves by exploring careers they are interested in.

Students who want to attend a four-year college or go into a trade are welcome in the program. 

“I give them the skills to make them successful in every career,” said Dory.

The program takes two years to complete, and seniors can receive paid internships to see which career they want to pursue.

Students also take a Personal Skills Course that counts as an elective.

“I give you skills to be successful as a future family member and skills to be a better citizen,” said Dory.

Twenty-six juniors are currently enrolled in the program.

Any freshmen or sophomores that have questions about the program can email Dory at [email protected].