Gallery: Julian Greendeer Wins Crown with Rocky-Themed Acts


The 27th crowning of a Mr. or Miss NDA took place Saturday night. . . and senior Julian Greendeer won the sought-after crown.

“It was a great competition and show,” said one onlooker.  “What I loved was the variety of talent acts–from dancing to classical piano to country-western singing.  Add in the light and sound effects, and the pace of the show never lagged.”

In his first comments as Mr. NDA, Greendeer said, “I want  to give a special shout out to all the members in my act, who had to deal with me for a week straight at least four hours a day: Jackson Sprejcher, Laken Anthony Hargrove, Jackson J. Berndt and Will (I Am) Vincent. I also want to thank Ethan and Kureryn for recording my video and directing… And I want to give a final thank you to my parents because they let me use the house all the time and have all these boys come in and order pizza for us and fuel us for our ‘big fight.'”

Greendeer, crowned by previous winner Chelsey Martinez, centered his intro video and entrance on the movie Rocky. His yoga ball dance continued the theme.

He said he “came up with the Rocky theme during school.”

“I was trying to figure out if I should do a theme or not, and had a couple songs in mind that weren’t theme-oriented,” he explained.  “But then after talking to some teachers, they suggested I have a theme, and I chose Rocky because the movies always pumped me up and got me excited which I was hoping would have the same effect on the crowd.”

“No one practiced their talent act more than Julian,” said one adviser.  “His friends worked and worked with him to perfect it.”

Greendeer himself figured “we easily practiced about 50+ times over a span of a week.”

First runner-up was senior Jason VandenHouten, second runner-up was Eli Bieker and Beckett Chambers was voted Mr. Congeniality by the contestants and advisers.