NDA Blood Drive Exceeds Its Goal with 57 Units Donated


Ben Wolcanski, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Amelia Lemkuil, Zita Lulloff, Campus Minister Daniel Kriegl and the team from the Red Cross conducted a successful blood drive by beating their goal of 57 units.

The blood drive collected a total of 63 units which will be able to save approximately 195 lives.

It is so important to donate blood if you are willing and able,” said Lemkuil, a senior who serves as student director for the drive.

A total of 61 people donated to the blood drive after passing many eligibility factors.

After the drive, the blood is sent to a processing center where it is separated into its main components, tested to ensure it is safe to be distributed, and then sent to patients that are recovering from surgeries, injuries, childbirth, cancer treatments and blood disorders.

“Since patients of all different blood types receive transfusions, each type is in constant, high demand. Type O is especially needed for two reasons: O+ is the most common blood type and type O- is the universal blood type needed for transfusions,” Lemkuil said.

“Blood is constantly needed to help desperate patients. Your donation can save someone else’s life,” she added. 

Donating blood has benefits for donors as well.

Donating blood has so many benefits! Most importantly, your donation can save someone’s life. In addition, donating blood can reveal what type of blood you have and indicate other underlying health problems,” Lemkuil said.

“As a donor, you understand you are directly helping others, which is an amazing feeling. Getting out of your comfort zone and just trying once allows you to see how amazing of an experience it truly is, and it may even become something you want to do for the rest of your life,” continued the senior..

Some teachers and students shared their thoughts on why they decided to give blood.

“I gave it so someone who needs it more than me can have it,” David Sack said.

“I have blood to give,” Ms. Grace Corriveau, science teacher, said.

“I gave to raise awareness of the need for blood donations and to set an example,” Jair Rincon Simon said.

“I have blood to give, and I want to give back to my community,” Cecelia Deruyter said.

“I was scared at first, but after it was done I was really glad I had done it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s considering it because you could have a really good experience,” said Lulloff, a junior who will assume Lemkuil’s position next year as student director of the annual blood drives.