Construction Begins for NDA’s New Boiler System


Mason Tumpach, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Construction has begun to replace NDA’s three old boilers with new, much smaller and more efficient boilers.  The new boilers will be placed in the priory garage, causing some employees to relocate during the summer.

Along with the three new hot-water boilers being installed, HVAC ventilation equipment and controls are also being added.

“The school boilers are original equipment from 1954 with 69 years of service and many burner replacements. With new technology, it is time to replace the total system,” said Executive Director of Business and Operations Ken Flaten.

The project started last spring with the construction of a new garage and some electrical replacements.

“The first phase of the boiler project will be finished by September of 2023 with an additional phase to follow in the near future,” said Flaten.

The priory garage has been emptied to store the new boilers, and the new garage just south of the priory will store the emptied equipment.

Director of Maintenance Eric Novotny and NDA community member Jeff Gracyalny are in charge of overseeing the contractors hired by the Building and Grounds Committee of the Board of Education.

“We will have many spaces moved out to start preparing areas for new ceilings, lights, vents, piping and equipment added to the roof of the building,” said Flaten.

Flaten and Principal Andrea Hearden made note that while during the spring some hallways and rooms will be closed, no classrooms will be lost, and the bulk of construction will take place during the summer.

“Most of the building will be closed during the summer. That will cause some employees to move locations at that time and also require the school to open two days later than usual. We will begin on a Wednesday rather than a Monday in August,” said Hearden.