Tritonfest Puppy Now at Home with Heesackers


Frannie Wied, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Tritonfest was a historic success this past weekend, but the real star of the auction that stole everyone’s hearts was golden retriever puppy Triton. 

Triton was donated to the auction from the Schuh’s Country Manor Goldens in Denmark, WI. The Schuhs have been breeding dogs for about four years and received their dogs from Russia and Ukraine due to their  having fewer diseases or issues with their hips, elbows or eyes. 

“My mom wanted to donate a dog because she had a couple from the litter and wanted to donate something because Tritonfest is such a big deal for the school,” explained junior Grace Schuh. 

Although it’s bittersweet to say goodbye to the puppies, knowing that the dogs are going to good families and will live good lives helps when parting.

My mom loves what she does and creates dogs that are perfect for families,” said Schuh. 

Over ten people bid on the dog, but, in the end, Alaina Heesacker, a junior at NDA, and her family got to call the precious pup their own. The final bid went for $4200. 

Heesacker had no idea that her parents were going to bid on the dog. Her mom decided in the moment, and a friend called Heesacker to tell her the exciting news. 

I was so excited and in complete shock. It was awesome and completely unexpected,” said Heesacker. 

When Schuh found out where the dog was going, she was overjoyed. It was a perfect match. 

 “I was so excited for the Heesackers because they are such a great family, and it shows that there are really great homes for the puppies to go to,” said Schuh.  

Triton was renamed Walter for his adorable demeanor and jubilant personality. 

He came home in a bow tie and so smiley, so we felt like it was a great fit,” explained Heesacker. 

Walter is settling in nicely in his new home and loves all of the attention he is receiving from his new family. 

“He is so polite and so loving to everyone in my family and all his visitors. I love waking up and seeing him first thing in the morning,” said the new dog owner.