Cabaret Night Rescheduled for April 18

Cabaret Night Rescheduled for April 18

Riley Guyette, Editor-in-Chief

After its cancellation on Saturday, March 25, Cabaret Night has been rescheduled to April 18, the same day as NDA Serves. 

The event will begin at 6 p.m. and will run until approximately 8:00-8:30. 

Other than the slight time change, the event should be mostly the same as before the cancellation. 

During Cabaret Night, the commons, library, and auditorium are all opened to the public, where students will be performing various talents such as ensemble performances, singing, dancing and comedy routines.

Art by IB art students will also be on display in an exhibition.

The cancellation resulted from a surprise snow storm that caused dangerous driving conditions and prohibited set up prior to the evening showtime.

Due to the many events in the coming months and various other conflicts, there was no promise that the event would ever be rescheduled. 

Thankfully, organizers of the event, including Frau Laaksonen, Mr. Steve Johnson, Ms. Tina Harpold, and technical director Jake Gerlikovski, met to discuss the possibility of a reschedule.

The 18th is the same day as NDA serves, which is returning after four years. Students and staff serve at various sites in the community for three hours until 11:15 while staff members work in the building during the afternoon. 

This date was chosen because it gives the organizers and volunteers time to set up the event, and it is on a weekday as opposed to the often busy April weekends. 

Everyone is encouraged to come to Cabaret Night to support those displaying their talents as well as those who took the time to reschedule this event.