Spring Week Kicks Off Monday, April 17


Mason Tumpach, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

NDA’s Spring Week returns Monday, thanks to the organizing and planning of Student Government; it is a week of dressing up, service, fun events and fundraising.

“Spring Week is our spirit week in the second semester, and it is very similar to Fall Fest week,” said Student Government president Jacob VanOoyen.

Compared to last year, some aspects of Spring Week will be completely different. The service project and dress days are different, and NDA Serves has been brought back.

“This year is the first year of having NDA Serves in the past four years, which will be part of Spring Week this year on Tuesday,” commented VanOoyen.De la Bai Fest will conclude Spring Week on Friday, and it too has changed slightly. Like every year, there will be a three-on-three basketball tournament, but there will also be a volleyball tournament as opposed to last year’s spike ball.

Brackets for the tournaments have been formed, and a schedule will be sent out. Student Government and other clubs are overseeing the competitions.

“All clubs are expected to contribute to De la Bai Fest in some form, whether that be contributing to the silent auction, hosting an event, or selling food. There are so many options for everyone to get involved in,” said VanOoyen.

As a part of De la Bai Fest, Student Government is hosting a silent auction with prizes ranging from gift cards to dress-down cards. Other clubs such as Writers Union have organized a Kahoot Game, German Club is selling food and Debate Club is selling baked goods.