Campus Minister Daniel Kriegl to Teach in Tucson, Arizona


Although he didn’t want the hype and attention, the word leaked out, and Campus Minister Daniel Kriegl will be teaching in Arizona next fall.  Fortunately, Mr. Kriegl agreed to answer a few questions for the Tritonian

How many years have you been NDA’s campus minister? 

“Twelve years. Biblically 12 represents complete or entirety as there were 12 tribes of Israel, and that is why Jesus chose 12 Apostles.”

What has been the highlight of your ministry here?  And what will you miss about NDA?

“Morning Mass every day (my next school has Mass everyday at 7:35 a.m. :), the kids/families and the Mission Trips! I also will miss working for a school named after Our Lady (Notre Dame). Our Beautiful Chapel and the Beautiful Rosary Garden I will miss as well. 

“The kids and families I will miss the most. The blessing is my next school wants me to lead a Mission Trip, and, as mentioned, I will still get to go to morning Mass everyday.”

When did you feel God’s calling to another place?  And where IS that place?  What will be your role there? 

“I think my heart was sensing it was time this past fall. However, it should be noted I originally took the job as Campus Minister planning to ONLY stay two years to get my Masters. I never intended or planned to stay long in Wisconsin. I also thought I would get back into teaching at some point. However, I fell in love with the students and families, especially through the Mission Trips. It then became more clear in my soul when I came back from Canton, MS. I remember thinking I had so much joy on the Mission Trip even though I was sleeping on an air mattress every night. I remember thinking to myself: ‘I want to follow you, Lord, wherever you lead me again. It’s time to leave everything behind and follow You.’

“I was interviewing at places out West: Denver, Colorado; Sherman Oaks, California; Phoenix, Arizona; and Tucson Arizona. Ultimately the Holy Spirit wanted me to take the job in Tucson.

“I was hired as a theology teacher, but they also are hoping I speak on a few retreats (not running them 🙂 and hopefully start a Mission Trip at the school. They are hoping I take up coaching again at some point, but I don’t plan to coach next year.”

What is your final message, your hope, for NDA students?

“Keep the Faith.”