Academy Chatter: What excuse have you used to get out of school?

Staff Writers, Journalism

Ryan “Fuzz” French, freshman: “Not feeling good.”

Will Campion, senior: “I can fake a fever like no other.”

Nick Wagner, senior: “Getting home late from a Packer game.”

Shannon Kaufmann, senior: “My car is out of gas.”

Michael Trgovac, junior: “Having a messed up stomach the night before.”

Max Pallini, sophomore: “I have mono.”

Jack Kumbalek, junior: “Spinal meningitis…”

John Leonhard, junior: “My head is going to explode.”

Andrew Zipp, junior: “OK, Mom, not feeling the best.”

Teddy Suda, junior: “Coal miner’s lung.”

Benjamin Lelinski, sophomore: “Oh, one time I told my mom I was sick but then actually went hunting.”

Lily Brada, sophomore: “I never really got out of school because I don’t like being behind in class.”

Clare Ravizza, sophomore: “It was not really getting out of school, but one time I was going to be late to class and I stopped in the office to get a pass from my dad (Dr. Ravizza).”

Noah Jessick, sophomore: “Oh jeez. My mom is a nurse, so it’s pretty difficult. I don’t really skip school.”

Jack Flis, sophomore: “I want sleep.”

Hannah Ciriacks, sophomore: “I got in a snowmobile crash and couldn’t move my neck so I didn’t go to school on Monday.”

Danielle Lippert, sophomore: “I once didn’t feel like going to school the next day so the night before I acted really exhausted and then I woke up and said I didn’t feel good.”

Olivia Allen, sophomore: “I was ‘sick’.”

Hanna Dercks: sophomore: “I never really had a ‘best excuse’. When I’m sick I stay home, but I don’t try to miss school. I’d get too far behind.”

Cole Cullen, sophomore: “I just say I have family road trips.”

Madeline Moureau, junior: “I had a ‘funeral’.”

Whitney Walczyk, junior: “I don’t use excuses to get out of school because I am a dedicated student.”

Ellie Tressler, sophomore: “Probably I would have a bad sore throat, and I would say that so I could get more sleep. Just for the record, I’ve never done that.”

Maddie Woodward, sophomore: “Definitely. I don’t feel good. I get sick really easily so that one seems to work.”

Liz Scott, freshman: “I say I’m sick, and I get to stay home.”

Noah Frigo, sophomore: “Someone is in the hospital.”

William Guevara, sophomore: “When I didn’t do my project, I went to the office and said I was lightheaded and felt sick.”

Jack Kumbalek, junior: “I was in the hospital.”

Jack Halama, sophomore: “I have golf. Golf makes you miss a good amount of school.”

Eliza Stackhouse, sophomore: “My throat hurt.  I would use that because I wouldn’t want to get anyone else at school sick in case I have strep or something.”

Jack Mickelson, junior: “Problems with blood sugar.”

Brooke Kerscher, junior: “Appointment.”

Alex Socha, junior: “I am sick.”

Jacob Hardy, junior: “Don’t wanna go.”

Emily Lelinski, junior: “Emotional discomfort.”

Mikayla Neveau, junior: “My stomach hurts.”

Brenda Aguilar, junior: “Performance at church.”

Meghan Yakel, sophomore: “Appointment.”

Kennedy Morgan, sophomore: “Appointment.”

Noah Jessick, sophomore: “I have a fever! I’m going to puke! My mom is a nurse–I haven’t missed school.”

Kyle Quick, freshman: “I told my teachers my mother was sick.”

Anna Grzelack, freshman: “I said that I had to go to a doctor’s appointment.”

Rebbeca Boucher, freshman: “I told them that I wasn’t feeling good and if I could go.”

Abbey Comnar, freshman: “I told them I had a dentist appointment, and I stayed out of school the whole day.”

Grace Campbell, sophomore: “A volleyball tournament.”

Loreen Hummel, sophomore: “I told my teacher I was going on holidays with my family.”

Elena Martin, junior: “I told my mum I was sick.”

Maria Weron’ska, junior: “I told my parents I was feeling dizzy, and they let me stay home.”

Ava Griffitt, freshman: “The excuse I have used the most is having a stomach ache. ”

Alex Sebor, junior:  ‘The Doctor.”

Jason Revolinsky, junior: “I have to be puking for my mom to let me get out of school. It’s a tough life.”

Jake LeBreck, junior: “My mom doesn’t let me get out of school.”

Cam Knight, senior: Well, you see, I’ve never gotten out of school ‘cause I don’t make excuses for myself because I play fair!”

Kaycee Gierczak, sophomore: “I’ve only faked sick.”

Claire Rotherham, junior: “I didn’t finish my homework.”

Isabel Kellner, freshman: “Once to get out of school, I said that I was sick with a cold and had a sore throat. That ended up with my getting mint chocolate chip ice cream and going home early from school!”

Jessa Smith, freshman: “In the morning I pretended I was sick and had my mom call school. I have done this once in middle school.”

Madalyn Foscato, junior: “I say I am really dizzy and have a bad headache. Original.”

Grady Brick, freshman: “I have never done that.”

Emily Martin, junior: “Sometimes I say I don’t like the teacher.”

Maria Ehlinger, junior: “I fake a cramp in my calf from running and say I have to stay in bed.”

Bryce Watzka, junior: “I just pretend I have a bunch of ‘sick symptoms’.”

Tommy Matthews, junior: “I have used the classic ‘I’m totally sick (but not really)’ excuse before.”

Nicholas Haske, junior: “I’ve used the ‘my neighbor’s dog ate my homework’ because I was at my neighbor’s  house one time, and I spilled bacon juice on my homework and their dog ate it.”

Alec Goodwin, junior:  “Sometimes I say I feel sick when I’m really not.”

Dominic McClain, senior: “I usually skip only if I was up extremely late and end up coming in later in the day to receive my homework anyway.”

BaiKai shu, sophomore: “When I was sick.”

Ali DeWilde, junior: “I have never done that.”

Rebekah Boucher, freshman: “I go to the bathroom, then walk around school.”

Nadine Druar, sophomore: “I don’t skip school.“

Jon Holzbach, sophomore: “I sleep in class.”

Jessie Qiu,  junior: “I got the wrong clothes.”

Maddie Reitz, sophomore: “That I’m sick.”

Blake Olejniczak, senior: “I need more time to do homework.”

Logan Braun, sophomore: “I don’t have one.”

Matthew Kini, sophomore: “I’m too tired.”

Tyler Foytik, sophomore: “My stomach hurts.”

Maddie Halama, senior : “College visits.”

Madison Weber, senior: “I was sick.”

Annabelle Whatley, junior: “I was sick.”

Keeli Otto, senior: “I passed out during math class in freshman year.”

Rachel Phillips, sophomore: “I don’t have one.”

Ryan Martin, freshman:  “My stomach hurts.”

Hope Krumrie, freshman: ”I feel sick and have to leave by lunch.”

Grace Fangman, freshman: ”I have food poisoning.”

Carly Borth, freshman: “I had a doctor’s appointment.”

Johnny Ellinger, freshman: “My sister couldn’t drive me to school.”

Owen Martzke, freshman:  “I don’t like to miss school so I don’t have an excuse.”

Bella Zent, freshman: I had a private tennis lesson.”

Grace Cooper, freshman: ”I have the flu.”

Chloe Cappomacio, freshman: ”My mom’s car broke down when leaving the driveway.”

Ben Cao, junior: “There is a nuclear threat from a Russian. I have to go home and take care of it.”

Anabelle Xiong, junior: “I feel sick.”

Kim Lambie, junior: “My sister wants me to stay home with her.”

Shanelle Steeno, junior: “I have an ‘appointment’ aka One Direction Concert.”

MariJo Lesatz, junior: “I’m sick.”

Sam Conard, junior: “I’m sick. I have ebola.”

Charlie Urick, junior: “Jesus told me not to leave early.”

Andrew Quigley, senior: “My appendix blew up.”

Isabel Canadeo, junior: “I had to help my brother move into college at St. Norbert when he had already moved in that morning.”

Lauren LaPointe, junior:  “I don’t like missing school, so I go even if I don’t feel good.”

Monica Majeski, senior: “I have soccer.”

Denalyn Urcavich, junior: “Doctor’s appointment.”

Ana Holzbach, sophomore: “Hockey lessons.”

Eleanor Sladek, junior: “Cross country and soccer.”

Abby Anderson, sophomore: “Hockey private lessons or training or track.”

Elizabeth Bolin, freshman: “Cross country.”

James Kanning, freshman: “No clean uniform shirts.”

Owen Martzke, freshman: “An appointment: doctor, dentist, etc.”

Anna Huntley, freshman: “Doctor appointment.”

Evan Haas, senior: “Cross country.”

Jon Sollberger, junior: “Funeral or wedding.”

Alex Eclavea, junior: “I was enjoying life…”

Jack Kumbalek, junior: “Hospital.”

Quinn Dellise, junior:  “Visiting Jack in the hospital.”

Mr. Dietzo, teacher: “Truck died in the highway coming to school.”

Hunter Mura, senior: “I don’t have one.”

Junior Lesatz, senior: “Funeral.”

Liam Gerl, junior: “When my grandmother died.”

Andrew Quigley, senior: “Appendix blew up.”

Aaron Gerondale, senior: “I was badly sick.”

Esme Vera, sophomore: Being sick to not do a test that I didn’t study for.”

Jon Fry, sophomore:  Faked being sick because I was tired.”

Carter Olles, junior: I’ve never faked.”

Jack Weir, senior:  “Diarrhea.”

Mike Gregoire, sophomore:  “Pooped in the hallway.”

Blake Olejniczak, senior:  “Bad gas.”

Max McDonald, junior:  “I’m fat.”

Marissa Ziefle, junior: “Being sick so that I didn’t have to take a test.”

Sam Conard, junior:  “I have ebola.”

Isaac Sidon, sophomore:  I got arrested.”