Fuzz Speaks Out on Student Government: Get Involved!

Ryan (Fuzz) French, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

While this may have been my only year on the Executive Board of the NDA Student Government, it has been one of my favorite parts of my senior year.

The Executive Board is made up of class presidents, along with leaders from Outreach, the Student Senate and what is basically ambassadors to the administration.

My job is serving as the director of communications and social student outreach. I run the student gov. Twitter and help with the planning of pep rallies and organizing student events like powderpuff and the dodgeball tournament.

I was selected by the elected members of the Executive Board, which included all-school officers like student body president Will Templeton, class presidents and advisers like Frau Laaksonen.

This was the second time I tried to get on the Executive Board and to truly be part of Student Government. The first time was my freshman year when I ran for class president but sadly lost to Bergin Olsen.

This year Student Government has done a lot of the same events as previous years, but each event has had its own changes and differences from prior years.

Every student at NDA should become involved in Student Government in some way. The group of people serving there is unmatched by any other organization at the school and the care and time put in by this year’s Executive Board has been a real eye-opener to me.

I never believed Student Government really did anything but pep rallies, De La Baie Fest and Fall Fest week.

But this view changed this year.

I saw that Student Government actually did much more, such as helping organize study tables, homeless shelter volunteering, sponsoring Mr. NDA and fighting for all the dress down days the school gets that usually come from Student Government.

Another big part of NDA’s student government is the advisers. With advisers like Frau, Mrs.Crystal Dory, Mrs. Holly Hinch, Mrs. VW and Mrs. Van Grunsven, the organization is able to accomplish many things year to year.

From dress code changes to simply getting a dress day approved by the administration, the advisers are there helping every inch of the way. Their experience and dedication has made Student Government the mainstay of most activities at NDA.

The advisers sacrifice personal time for the joy that they can bring to not only the students they have in class but all students throughout the school.

Finally, Student Government is more than the elected members; it is a committee of volunteers to plan the Academy Ball or another committee of volunteers to work on a prayer service.  Anyone and everyone in the school is invited to work on these committees, and everyone should experience what I have valued so much this senior year.