Why I Love Cabaret Night!

Why I Love Cabaret Night!

Sophie Hornberger, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

After two years without Cabaret Night due to Covid-19, there has only been one class at Notre Dame that has gotten to experience the night. Cabaret Night, which this year will be held on Saturday, April 2, is an unforgettable and entertaining night that students definitely won’t want to miss. 

The night, which includes performances from singing, to poetry and acting, to instrumental music and more was definitely a highlight of my freshman year. 

Senior Skylar Schultz says she attended Cabaret Night just to see what it was freshman year and ended up loving it. 

“I decided pretty much as soon as I walked in that I was going to do it next year because it’s just such a cool event,” said Schultz. “It was very fun seeing people like teachers or classmates that you had no idea could perform getting up there and actually showing their stuff.” 

Along with the many students that perform throughout the night, teachers and staff will often get involved in the fun, sharing their hidden talents. 

“I was probably the most stunned when Father Christian performed,” said teacher Jennie Laaksonen, reminiscing about the 2019 Cabaret Night. 

“It just seemed like it might be traditional music based on his background,” Laaksonen said, describing Father Christian’s talent that surprised many at the event. 

“That’s why you shouldn’t make assumptions, because, when he got up there with that keyboard, and it sounded a little traditional, and then he just clicks a key, and the beat drops…the whole auditorium just went absolutely insane.” 

Grace Gunville, who performed in Cabaret Night freshman year and is involved in the technical crew for the event, said the event is an awesome opportunity to see things you wouldn’t see in other places. 

“It’s always a really cool night to see what kind of talent our school has because there’s also the art show so it’s not just performances,” said Gunville. 

I performed in Cabaret Night freshman year as part of Woodwind Ensemble, but my favorite part of the event was getting to go between rooms to see all the different talents. There are often more low-key events in the library such as acoustic music and poetry readings, with opportunities to watch jazz bands in the commons and talents such as dancing and larger group musical ensembles in the auditorium. 

In addition, looking through the art show allows you to see many of the artistic abilities you didn’t even know people had. Cabaret Night is definitely an event worth attending, and the casual atmosphere between locations allows attendees to come for just an hour, or stay for a full night of talent.