PowderPuff Back, Games Set for Saturday


Grace Zellner, Andrew Gruesen, and Max Pallini (juniors) pick up their powderpuff shirts.

Danielle Lippert, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

UPDATE on GAME:  For what many say is the second time in Powderpuff history at NDA, the juniors defeated the seniors in OT.  For a full report on the games and the week, read Danielle Lippert’s opinion piece on the week.  See “Opinions.”

Powderpuff is back, and it’s all thanks to junior football player, Andrew Gruesen.

After having a great time with the program his freshman year, Grusen decided to try to get it started back up for his junior year.

“I really enjoyed powderpuff my freshman year and thought it would be great to bring it back in a more organized fashion. My mom and friends’ moms all remember playing in their high school powderpuff leagues, so I wanted to provide this great part of the high school experience for the ladies at NDA,” said Gruesen.

But setting something up like powder puff is much more than just saying you want to start a club or activity.

Gruesen first had to discuss it with Student Government to get their approval and then had to bring it up to Mr. Masarik.

The proposal to Mr. Masarik had to have many details, including information about keeping in touch, rules, staying organized and much more.

Gruesen hasn’t done everything alone. Frau Laaksonen, head of Student Government, has also been a major contributor to the powderpuff comeback.

“Frau has been the biggest help to me, from taking care of t-shirt orders to reserving the field to getting chaperones to many other things– it’s all thanks to her,” said Gruesen.

Gruesen and Frau have also had help from Mr. Masarik and all of the people who have volunteered to coach and referee.

The comeback of powderpuff has had a very positive response from the girls who have joined.

The 155 girls that signed up are split into four teams by grade. Each of these teams is coached by three to five football players in the same grade as the team.

Gruesen is ready for the games on Saturday, but still has a few things to get done.

“The last thing on my to-do list is get the referees informed of the rules and what their schedule will be like, but other than that, as long as the players pick up their shirts, everything should be all set to go,” said Gruesen. (So pick up your shirts in Frau’s room if you ordered one and haven’t picked it up yet!)

All of the girls who signed up have been excited to do it again, or do it for their first time.

“I’ve been waiting to join since freshman year, and I’m so excited that the opportunity is back,” said junior Olivia Allen.

Powderpuff is an opportunity for all of the girls at Notre Dame to get a taste of what playing football is like, and they get to showcase talents they never knew they had.

“I didn’t know I could kick a ball, and now I’m the punter,” said Katie Romes, also a junior.

The powderpuff games will be from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, October 1, the morning of Fall Fest, at Ted Fritsch Field at Notre Dame.