TWO Meglics Propel Volleyball Team to State Tournament


Michael De Leers, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The Notre Dame Academy Girls Volleyball team has rocked the court this year; the girls ended their regular season ranked second in the state (Division II) with an overall 39-6 record.

This success on the court has propelled the girls to the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association state tournament for the second year in a row. On the court, the team has been energetic, but the same cannot be said for their fan section. Starting off rowdy in the first match the student section tends to grows quiet towards the second and third match, leaving the girls team prey to the cheers of opposing fan sections.

Luckily for the girls, they have Sherri Meglic. When the crowd begins to simmer, Meglic is sure to reignite the fire of Notre Dame’s fan section.

“I don’t want the opposing fans to take our team out of the game,” said Sherri Meglic, the mother of one of NDA’s stellar players Corinne Meglic.

This has led her to start making signs for the games and even coordinating cheers between the student sections and parents. She simply wants the girls playing to know that “we love them and that we know they can win.”

The Meglic-led fan section has helped mute the opposing student sections and leave the game on the court.

The root of Meglic’s cheering is for the girls and her daughter, who is a senior on the team. Many would think Sherri Meglic’s energetic cheering would embarrass but not Corinne.

“At first I didn’t like it, but now I think it’s pretty funny,” said Corinne Meglic.

Although many may know her from the cheers she has started at the games, many do not know that she is “pretty much the team mom,” said junior volleyball player Meghan Yakel.

Working behind the scenes, Sherri Meglic is also the parent coordinator of the team. In other words, Meglic helps organize the volleyball activities for the team. This ranges from coordinating summer programs and tournaments to designing shirts and getting food prepared for the team.

Many things are uncertain before a competition; the winner is not decided and no one can be certain what will happen, but one thing is for sure, Sherri Meglic will come to the Resch Center ready to cheer.