Freshman Balances Two Varsity Sports–and Band!


Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Freshman Adam Brada balances playing two varsity sports, soccer and cross country, and embraces the many associated challenges.

“I manage to do two sports because soccer practices or games are at different times than cross country, so I have time to do both,” said Brada.

One of the cross country coaches and NDA teachers, Cassidy McGowan said, “He has an affection for both soccer and cross country, which drives him each day to strive for excellence.”

Although he signed up for both sports, soccer takes priority for him because he has been playing it longer.

Soccer coach Bob Rickards said, “Adam is one of those players who will give it his all whether it is a practice or a game.”

Brada balances these sports along with homework and playing an instrument. He practices for band on the weekends and prioritizes homework.

“If I have too much homework and I have cross country and soccer in one day, I would skip cross country to do homework, since soccer is late,” he said.

Brada works hard in all that he enjoys and still manages to spend time with his family.

McGowan said, “Adam is a great kid and a phenomenal runner at this stage of his high school career. He works hard, is coachable and wants to improve, which are all attributes that will pay dividends throughout the season.”

Brada balances all his hobbies by what is most important at the moment. He tries to make it fair what sports he participates in each day.

“I don’t make a lot of cross country practices, but I make every soccer practice and all the games because I am doing soccer more,” he said.

“He has not missed a practice yet but with regional and sectional coming up there may be some conflicts,” said Rickards.

Although Brada does not start on the soccer field, he sees the field a fair amount of time.

Rickards said, “He wants to win, he wants to compete, and he enjoys the camaraderie that sports bring.”

Brada has the ability to “to switch gears in playing mentality but also in team responsibilities,” said Rickards.

“He has a natural ability to run, but more importantly for me he is a leader, not a follower, and has a great effect,” said McGowan.