Senior Joel Meglic Commits to Cornell for Football


Owen Brummel, Staff Writer, Journalism I

“I started playing tackle football in second grade. Since I was the biggest guy, my coaches put me with the 4th and 5th graders,” senior Joel Meglic said. 

The all-conference lineman recently committed to play college football at Cornell University. 

Meglic has always dreamed of becoming a professional athlete ever since he was a kid watching T.V and seeing athletes like Ladainian Tomlinson, Brandon Burlesworth and Tyron Smith.

Meglic has been playing sports his whole life. He’s played every sport ranging from football and basketball to golf and baseball. Athletics always came naturally to Meglic, or “Meggy,” as his teammates like to call him. With the help of his parents, of course,  to push him along the way. 

“My biggest inspiration has to be my dad. I owe it all to him for constantly pushing me to go out for sports, as he’s my biggest fan and supports me through everything.”

“I was always interested in the Ivy League Schools. Coach Falbo of Cornell recruits Wisconsin players, and he came to see me work out at school last winter,” said the senior.

It’s easy to say that Coach Falbo liked what he saw in Meglic. He saw Meglic’s special drive and fight mentality that sets him apart from his peers. His hard work has definitely paid off after spending countless hours in the gym at school doing strength training and many extra speed workouts or lifting at the YMCA and Synergy Sports Performance. 

Meglic in high school has played all over both the offensive and defensive line and also has had to overcome many obstacles, such as injury, as well as the pressure of being considered by other schools or undersized compared to college players at his position. 

But all of these obstacles were motivation and turned out to be stepping stones to his big goal. 

“I’m looking forward to not only playing D1 football in an amazing program, but I’m looking forward to getting involved with a new team and being a part of a new family. Also, Cornell is ranked high in food so that’s good too,” Meglic said. 

This doesn’t mean that Meglic isn’t going to miss his NDA football family. 

 “I’m definitely going to miss high school football, especially my teammates. They mean the world to me,” said the senior.

Meglic doesn’t know what the next four years will bring him, but whatever he does, he’s sure to be successful.

 “I’m taking it step by step. If football works out after college, I will pursue the NFL, but if it doesn’t hopefully I will have numerous job opportunities in front of me,” he explained.