Lady Triton Soccer Team Off to Sizzling Start


Joey Bonadonna, Sports Editor, Online Tritonian

The Lady Triton soccer team is off to a hot start, as they’ve started 10-0 with a +74 goal differential.

After making a trip to state in 2019 and a cancellation of the 2020 season, the team is showing great promise in their push to return to Uihlein.

“The entire atmosphere feels like we are making up for lost time, which we are,” junior Maggie Thillman said. “Overall, we came into this season wanting to prove ourselves.”

Thillman has amassed 32 points and 14 goals in 10 appearances, as well as netting back-to-back hat tricks against Neenah and Freedom.

At goalkeeper is another junior Carlene Goral. Goral has put together one of the best save percentage numbers in the state, only allowing 3 goals in 10 games. 

“We were all eager to get back on the field together,” Goral said. “We have to be prepared for challenges on and off the field that are going to come along the way and be ready to face them.”

The Tritons are tied for the lead in goals in the state with 77 and their high-octane scoring attack puts them at #6 state-wide in the most recent poll. However, they are ranked #4 in D2, meaning they are within a very difficult division when it comes to a playoff push.

However, the squad has confidence in themselves going forward. 

“I believe this team is very capable of going to state and hopefully beyond,” Thillman said. “The biggest source of success is how different players step up in different games.”

“Our ultimate goal is like most, the gold ball,” Goral said. “We have a long way to go to get there taking it game by game.”

The Tritons only have five more games before they begin playoff action, where they are slated to be a very highly-seeded team and the push for a gold ball at Uihlein seems well within their sights.