Sophomore Lily Arkens Enjoys Role of Football Team Manager


Alex Thomas, Staff Writer, Journalism I

 “I have always loved sports. It comes from my parents, who have always been involved in coaching sports while I was growing up. My dad is currently a football coach, which gives me more interest in football. It is just super fun to be a manager,” said sophomore Lily Arkens, NDA’s all-level football team manager.

Before Arkens was involved in the football program, she was part of NDA’s golf team. But that ended abruptly when she was asked to take the role of football team manager.

“At first I was hesitant to take the job, but now I am super glad I did,” she told the Journalism class.

When she took her job, she started off very quickly by filming sophomore games, attending practices and taking live stats for all the varsity players on Friday nights. 

“During my first year, it started out tough because I didn’t feel very close to the players. But after some time as the manager, I got more comfortable and realized they are like a big family,” she explained.

Arkens has made many fun memories with the team. Her favorite memory is when she would babysit the coaches’ kids during practices and games. 

“One time, one of the kids got hold of the hose and connected it to the water tank for the players to drink out of. He decided to point it at me and spray me. I did not know how to turn it off. The funny part is that everyone stood there laughing, and everyone made fun of me for it. This was one of the funniest things that have ever happened to me. I will never forget it,” said Arkens.

Arkens has had some fun times, but she also learned something that she wants to carry out for her whole life, which is sports medicine.

“I spent the season closely with Lauren Rothlisberger, the former athletic trainer. Lauren’s enthusiasm for the kids, and helping the players get better, made me realize that it was something I wanted to do,” said the sophomore.

Arkens plans to stay as the team manager until she graduates–and hopes that passion will carry over to a career in sports medicine.