Sam Ruffell: Letter to My Younger Self

Sam Ruffell, Creative Writing Student

Don’t ever be who you are not. One of the last remaining free things in this world is the personality that you are born with. It makes you the unique and special person you are and that gift should never be given up for anything else this world may offer you. The minute you aren’t true to yourself is the minute you start pretending to be someone else, and that’s tedious. Everyone is different and almost every personality is taken, so don’t try to be like someone else because more of the same is boring. 

 There will be people exactly like you and people completely different. Your only job is to make friends with the ones you like and be cool with the ones you don’t. You have your entire life ahead of you so don’t worry about any of the preteen garbage that you may think is serious business because in the grand scheme of things, none of it matters. Just enjoy life because every day is one day closer to more responsibilities and adulthood. Live everyday with the excitement and optimism of a toddler and don’t worry about the “drama.” 

However, you and I both know that too much fun doesn’t help either. Make sure you put what’s important first. That episode of the show you’re watching can wait. Do the assignment that’s already two days late before plopping on the couch. I guarantee you that you’ll enjoy the show way more knowing that the assignment is done. You’ll run into some hefty battles with dear old friend procrastination and you’ll definitely lose a couple of times. They’ll be nights when it’s 2 in the morning and for some reason a surge of motivation has just entered your mind and you may think, “Well, I can just do it tomorrow,” but do it right then and there. It’s still going to be sitting there glaring at you the next day and the only thing that has changed is the time. 

To wrap up this haphazard of a self-improvement essay, all I can really ask of you is to make sure that you are doing what makes you happy. It takes a minute to realize that people don’t care about nearly as much as you thought, so don’t fret about what they may think of you. The only person you need to impress and keep happy is yourself. Everyone else are just side characters to the story of your life.